Exploring Air Fryers for Healthier Cooking

The air fryer has continually won the hearts of American chefs by offering a more convenient and healthier way to enjoy their favorite fried dishes. Intriguing to know that air fryers have been in existence since the 1960s but only gained recognition in the 21st century. Different brands have hopped on the train to build more models and incorporate better features that make cooking easier and cater to the needs of every kitchen.

Air fryers make use of a powerful fan to blow hot rapid air around the food from all sides giving us a crispy exterior and moist interior. It is an excellent alternative to frying.

These are just a few things you can cook with an air fryer

  1. French fried
  2. Chicken wings, fish cutlets
  3. Steaks
  4. Vegetables
  5. Pickles
  6. Desserts

Benefits of cooking with an Air Fryer

  1. Better cooking result: Food can cook rapidly using less fat making it suitable for people with high cholesterol
  2. Time efficiency: It cooks food faster meaning your chicken wings will be ready in only just a few minutes.
  3. Versatile: You can not only fry but also roast, grill, and reheat leftovers making it multipurpose.
  4. Less tendency for accident: There’s nothing like oil spills or scalding, it’s relatively safer.
  5. Easy to use and maintain: It is not too sophisticated or complex for users to operate and manage.

Tips for using an Air Fryer

  • Before use ensure to preheat to the temperature instructed by the manufacturer
  • Air fryers cook in rapid heat, be on the lookout so it doesn’t overcook your meal
  • Do not overcrowd the air fryer
  • You can also use parchment paper in the air fryer to prevent food from sticking.
  • Though it is advised to open to stir once in a while avoid opening it too often as it will slow down the cooking process.

The air fryer has become an indispensable kitchen tool for Americans seeking a healthier and more convenient way to enjoy their favorite fried meals. However, it requires a good level of patience to effectively make use of an air fryer.

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Air fryers make use of less oil but it potentially increases the risk of producing harmful compounds which can sometimes lead to cancer.

You can also choose to alternate oil frying with air frying to incorporate variety into your cooking.

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